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Why Choose Balepaks Robotic Automation

Here ar Balepak we recognise it's all about taking out the risk in your decision making process.  Our collective experience levels, choice of product and use of latest technology and 3D presentation and simulation techniques help form a consistent process that ensures your final choice can be made with peace of mind

Experience You Can Trust

Sometimes the solution defies what is possible at Balepak we work on 'out of the box' thinking to present ideas that can only come through years of proven experience.


With over 30 years of experience now on our hands , it's reassuring to know that the company you're dealing with has probably seen it all before!

3D Robot Simulation and Design

Balepak has invested heavily in 3D visualisation which is well known throughout the sales 'and' design processes. Commonly we work with 3D robot simulations to prove and present solutions and eliminate the 'will it work' situations when making big decisions.


Even when the decision is made its reassuring to know that our design process follows the same principles and involves our customers every step of the way for a more assured and risk assessedfinished product.

In Association With Sipro
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