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Benefits of our robotic systems

  • Reduces Operating Costs

  • Improves Product Quality and Consistency

  • Improves Quality of Work for Employees

  • Increases Production Output Rates

  • Increases Product Manufacturing Flexibility

  • Reduces Material Waste and Increases Yield

  • Complies with Safety Rules and Improves Workplace Health and Safety

  • Reduces Labour Turnover and Difficulty of Recruiting Workers

  • Reduces Capital Costs (Inventory, WIP)

  • Saves Space in High Value Manufacturing Areass

What you are buying

Balepak robots are supplied from 3 of the worlds largest robot manufacturers enabling us to offer the right robotic solution for your needs. With payloads ranging from 3Kg up to 1200Kg and robot reaches from 580mm to 3200mm combined with the speed of 4 axis and flexibility of 6 axis versions, a solution for virtually any application can be found.


Direct motor drives and robust but light weight construction enable Balepak robot solutions to use less kinetic force, which reduces early component failure producing an extremely reliable machine capable for many years service. It should be no surprise that our robots regularly attain a production availability of over 99%. 


As well as new robots Balepak also offers a range of manufacturer refurbished robots designed to appeal to a much broader area of businesses that do not have budgets for new systems but want a machine whihc will last just as long. The manufacturers support and the reassurance of warranty on a robot that has had a previous life.

Hot deals

When budgeting is low refurbished machines are the right way to go!. Balepak from time to time has access to fully refurbished systems that will continue to give many years service without having to to more expenize new machines required for your system.

In Association With Sipro
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