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Stretch Hooders

Why buy balepak Stretch Hooders

  • Improved point of delivery pallet presentation

  • Less risk of product damage

  • Optimum brand promotion potential

  • Improved “shifted” load recoveryPallets can be stored outside in all weather conditions

  • High film cost saving

  • More effective load stabilisation - film constricts from top (downward) and sides (inward)

  • Low film consumption (handles film down to 40 micron)

  • Low power usage

  • All low level access - no gantries

  • Easy service - 1 tool

  • Monthly payment package deals

What are you buying

A Balepak Stretch Hooder is the perfect tool for effective stability and protection of your products. Its ability to adjust film tension in 5 directions and reliance on the films constriction properties to firmly secure the pallet load. This ensures your products always arrive in Perfect condition.


Stretch Hooded pallets are also ideal for outdoor storage due to the films inherent water and dust proof properties.Intelligent control of single layer film application over the pallet also offers significantly enhanced display and brand emphasis for your products. Additionally, the process avoids film tearing on vulnerable areas such as corners and enables thinner films as low as 40 micron to be handled with the same confidence as the more expensive thicker varieties.


Capable of speeds up to 180 pallets per hour our Stretchooders are highly reliable and consistent in production. Processes involving manual intervention are carried out quickly and efficiently by allowing ground access for film changeover and stretching assemblies, which lower to ground level for fast turnaround. Even maintenance is carried out using a single tool!


There is nothing more effective than a Balepak supplied Stretch Hood System!

In Association With Sipro
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