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Why buy balepak stretchwrappers

  • Effective pallet load stabilisation

  • Low cost wrapping media

  • Reduced film usage

  • No trailing film tails and Water/Dust proof pallet protection

  • Saves cost of other pallet protection

  • Easy tailoring of wrapping cycle

  • Built for longer life


What you are buying

Balepak Stretchwrappers are the perfect accessory to battle damaged cargo due to shifting laods. Their ability to adjust film tension and rely on the films constriction properties to firmly secure the pallet load ensures your products always arrive in the perfect condition.


Intelligent manipulation of the films pre-stretch memory of up to 400% enables much less film use and reduced cost invested per pallet. Infinite control of the films unwind speed ensures an even tension on the pallet corners as well as the sides for the optimal pallet load stability.


While options for additional full pallet load protection makes sure the product is not returned due to spoilage caused by water damage or other forms of contamination.


We offer a complete range of automatic systems comprising turntable, rotary arm and ring wrapping systems offering speeds from 30 to 130 pallets per hour. All systems can be provided with optional top sheet applicators that offer either dust or water protection to the pallet load.



Now smoother and more even film distribution!

Our electronic powered film pre-stretch system is controlled by a tacho generator, which enables smoother dispensing of the film and a higher degree of pre-stretched Plastic. All our wrapping machines allow you to accurately configure the film tension directly on the wrapper’s HMI control panel.


In Association With Sipro
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